Understanding the political party system of nigeria politics essay

A full set of recommendations appears at the end of the report. He has followed the investigation closely and reported there has been no prosecution. In advance of the elections, Senator Nwobodo declared his candidacy for presidency under the banner of the UNPP, and has actively campaigned on behalf of his party to defeat Nnamani's re-election bid in Enugu.

Second Party System : This system developed as a result of the one party rule of the Democratic-Republicans not being able to contain some of the most pressing issues of the time, namely slavery.

According to an editor for the paper, staff had received threatening phone calls from an unidentified caller in the weeks leading up to the explosion. Honorable Chijioke Aroh was hospitalized.

Several witnesses reported that around forty-five or fifty mobile police had been sent to Nembe especially for the primary; [47] one witness stated that they were in the company of Lionel Jonathan on the morning of July 5.

politics in nigeria

This has been the case in parts of the Niger delta, for example, and in central states such as Taraba, Benue, and Plateau that have experienced scores of violent inter-communal clashes over the last few years, the elections appear to be creating a new reason for fighting.

I ran to the sandfill where others were gathering, a group including women and children. In the southern states of Bayelsa, Rivers, and Delta, political conflict is often exacerbated by the desire to control the lucrative relationship between local communities and oil companies operating in the area.

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