Themes of gattaca

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It also made me question where we should draw the line between science and ethics. The use of genetic research has led to humanity bio-engineering children to be free of defects and disabilities.

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The serious problem is that even with the advancement who is to say that the ultimate virus would be created with the ability to wipe out a "perfect genetic society. It is like the abortion bill being passed and that everyone is undermining and succumbing to the future.

It raises some very good points that question the uses of technology in the not so distant future.

Themes of gattaca

I liked this film a lot. Certainly, Anton lacks any kindred feelings of humanity. The obvious advantage of genetic engineering is that genetic diseases could be all but eliminated. This brings the idea of being a "true valid" because they are not all perfect and it could demonstrate if there is a class system with the valids. And he passes every DNA test and gets a job as a desk worker, lucky. Looking at all of the trials that Vincent had to go through just to achieve his life goal, I would not want that for any of my children. Despite the attempt by the controllers to condition and determine the individual, it is precisely the human characteristics of desire, ambition and motivation that enable Vincent to succeed, where others such as Jerome and Anton do not. After 4 billion years of evolution by the slow and clumsy method of natural selection, we have now evolved to the point where we can direct our own evolution. Genetic engineering would create a wide amount of opportunities however would the ends justify the means, would society as we know it accept such a technological advancement. This is emphasized in the quote "I'll never understand what possessed my mother to put her faith in God's hands, rather than her local geneticist. Gattaca says no. I really hate to think that the DNA testing done on the movie could be in our near future. He is doomed to die in his thirties due to a heart defect.

Gattaca: This movie was eye opening in the sense that society felt like they had to label social classes based on the genetic make up of a human being. Getting back to Gattaca, this shows how time changed and morals were influenced in the movie.

Than we will get so obsessed with finding cures for people and diseases we will see genetic engineering as an answer for everything.

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Themes of Gattaca the Movie