The batek of malaysia

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More recently, the addition of cash to their economy has led to a decreased utilization of wild food sources and an increased dependence on commercial foods such as rice, sugar, tinned sardines, biscuits and tea. Men and women are both equal food providers for the community and either sex can hunt or gather.

They appreciated the rainforest and all that it provided them with, moving periodically through the forest so to not deplete resources and allow the rainforest to regenerate. Members of their community even wear flowers in their hair as a sign of respect when venturing into the rainforest.

They should be allowed to make their own decisions regarding subsistence strategies, relocation, and integration into the larger Malaysian society. But once the rations have been consumed, the Batek pack up their few personal belongings and move to a more comfortable location, generally within the park boundaries and closer to wild foods and wage labor.

Not much is happening in the village when we arrive. Relations Between the Sexes The Batek are one of several hunting and gathering peoples in the world whose male-female relations are highly egalitarian.

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The Taman Negara Batek