Essay on prophet muhammad as a role model

Life of prophet muhammad role model for todays youth

While speaking of certain issues, some of us consider randomly reading from the Quran and the hadith as a form of devotion to the Quran and sunnah. The Strategic Planner For the ultimate and long-term success of any mission it is vital to devise and implement a strategy. Islamic scholars, as with many other issues, have examined the status of the Prophet as a role model and leader not in a sectional framework, but from a unified perspective, and they have reached the conclusion that the best method is to examine the verses of the Holy Quran that determine and demonstrate the status of the Prophet as a whole. At the same time, if the ruling of the Prophet was on something related to worldly issues, the Companions asked him how and why this was; when a ruling on religious issues was required, they would speak to him about the points revealed by the ruling; when it was a ruling imparted to Muhammad by Allah, they would ask him in order to understand its purpose and try to understand the truth. Prophet Muhammad pbuh committed no mistakes that would harm the conveyance of the Quran and this is proven in the Holy Quran and is agreed upon by Muslim community. In terms of Islamic faith, usva, that is to say being an example or a role model, is an attribute that is found in those who possess goodness, beauty and righteousness. The following hadith summarizes the statements found in the Quran: "The best of speech is unquestionably the speech of Allah. So many of the aspects of nurturing children found in good parenting books today are embedded in the skills of the holy Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him himself.

It is important to study the lives of the Companions in order to understand and comprehend the status of Prophet Muhammad as a role model. The sunnah descriptions given by the hadith researchers are in line with the verses found in the Quran about his role model status and the orders and advice he gives in the sunnah context; it is according to all these factors that general opinion is formed.

The holy Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and the new Muslims suffered terribly from chastisement, ridicule, slander, an unjust boycott and physical torture.

The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him would pass his hand over the cheek of every child making sure not to exclude any of them.

Essay on prophet muhammad as a role model

What these actions do imply is that in Islam to ask questions and to understand the reason why something has been commanded is permitted, and even encouraged. As a result, from the very start Islamic scholars have drawn attention to the differences between the sunnah. Prophet Muhammad pbuh invited the believers to obey him, to devote themselves to the sunnah and to abstain from incorrect actions. The Quran repeats many times that Prophet Muhammad is neither superhuman nor a deity, but that he is a human being. The name of this road is the sunnah, and it is collectively followed by the Companions of Prophet Muhammad and the believers. Neighbors threw goat dung on his back while he peace and blessings of Allah be upon him prayed. He peace and blessings of Allah be upon him would invoke Allah for help and justice, and in many cases ask Allah to guide them to Islam. Sometimes the Companions performed actions at their own discretion which were later ruled to be incorrect and subsequently they were corrected by the Prophet. The Muslims were in a very weak position and it was in their best interests to show restraint from their enemies at all times. The conclusion of scholars on this subject, which is also of great importance for the role model status of Prophet Muhammad, is that every action of the Prophet is not necessarily related to necessity or good deed, and often only represents a routine action.

The role model status of the Prophet is not limited to merely worshipping or actions that are a compulsory part of the religion, a requirement, or examples of good morals.

This is the reason why the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad have become an instructor for millions of people. He peace and blessings of Allah be upon him needed exemplary courage and guts to stand before his tribesmen and women and tell them that their concept of Allah and that of the forefathers will only destroy them.

As a matter of fact, the Quran clearly states that Prophet Muhammad has a superior character and demonstrates an exemplary life style. It was through this gradual elucidation of Islam to the people of Madinah that mutual support, trust and sacrifice were fostered between them, preparing them for the eventful immigration of the Makkan Muslims to Madinah.

All actions performed by Prophet Muhammad have been examined, and if the indications show that this was an action performed to become close to Allah, that action is followed, otherwise it is not necessary to follow it.

While the Makkan polytheists were torturing the family of Yasser, Muhammad comforted them.

prophet muhammad as perfect model of human conduct

Bilal, who was one of the first Muslims, was given the honor of chanting the call to prayer, or Adhan: the same chant that we hear from mosques all around the world today.

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