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Thesis: I am about to tell you the true story about a man who was driven to complete madness by his dark childhood, committed treacherous acts of murder, and last of all explain his impact on popular culture.

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They are movies that are fan favorites, instill bone-chilling fear, and they are all influenced by one man, Ed Gein. He lived in the country with his father, mother and brother.

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Movies are still being made on separate parts of his life, there was too much to put it all into one place. Credibility: I had a criminal justice course in high school, and for one assignment I had to give information about a notorious serial killer. He dug up graves of older women and skinned them and made leggings, belts, masks, breast vests and more from their body parts. As time passed, Ed Gein became deranged by raiding cemeteries to dig up recently buried female corpses. The proportions of the body are also excellent, and the bone and Gein had been seen with her shortly before her disappearance, and, when law enforcement officials visited his farm, they found her body. He would constantly speak cruel about her around Ed, and again tragedy hit the family. At the end of his long life he was visited by a young psychologist who asked him "Why? He recalled that he had lost his only friend and his one true love. Ed Gein was a true sicko, creepy, pervert. He returned to a mental hospital, where he remained until his death in There was a soup of human flesh on his stove. It really does send chills down your spine because in reality, people like this have or still exist. Gein attracted the attention of the police in , when a hardware store owner named Bernice Worden went missing.

They found belts made of nipples. After skinning, he used the bodies of the elderly women dug from their graves as food. Attention Getter: The silent tend to be the most deadly, if you catch my drift. He shared his "food" and fed their grave-flesh as "venison" to unknowing neighbors.

Ed easily directed the police to Henry who laid dead on the ground, and had concerns on how the body was found.

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Of course, people have heard of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and so forth, but this certain individual caught my eye. According to K. The possessiveness of Augusta became so severe she relocated the family to this secluded farm house in Plainview, Wisconsin where they lived permanently.

This was my favourite section of the exhibition, the billiard table pictures contained amazing uses of perspective and composition, my favourite 'the billiard table Ed Gein was a true sicko, creepy, pervert. Police also found a collection of preserved human parts and masks in his house.

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